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  • Purchasing

    Purchasing does just that; they buy materials for our various business activities. From promotional T-shirts to stickers; from servers to laptops for the entire company. When joining Purchasing, you will lead contract negotiations, manage supplier relations, and ensure supplier quality

  • Human resources

    Building up our human capital is an integral part of our company’s vision. VNG's Human Resources (HR) is dedicated to hiring, developing and retaining the best and brightest employees while continuing to strengthen the company's culture and values.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Our Sales and Marketing people help make sure our products stay on top of the market. They develop strategies and plans across the full marketing mix, as well as execute marketing campaigns to build user awareness of our products, recruit new users, and retain users’ loyalty

  • Network Engineering

    Our network team builds and maintains VNG’s network, serving more than 2,000 servers and half of Vietnam’s domestic Internet bandwidth. Operating a network for world-class data centers with the most stringent availability and security requirements allows our engineers to grow their technical capability, operational experience, and systematic working approach.

  • System Engineering

    VNG requires a strong team of system engineers to maintain the largest group of servers and databases in Vietnam. Our engineers constantly seek to apply new technology to improve the system operation

  • Product Development & Operation

    At the heart of VNG’s business are our Product teams. Be it a website or online game, the developers and operators work side by side and with people across all disciplines throughout the product’s life-cycle. This is to ensure our products stays abreast of market trends and maintain maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Technical Support

  • Product Game

  • Quality Control

  • Game Testing

  • Product Web

  • Game design

  • Internal Audit

  • Information System

  • Graphic Design

  • Process & QA

  • Administration & Facilities

    As one of our crucial behind-the-scenes teams, Admin & Facilities (AF) people are responsible for everything from drinking water, stationery, travel booking, site construction to recycling, security and other office services. Big or small, these things help create a healthy and friendly working environment for all VNG members.

  • Software Development

  • Finance & Accounting

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