ZaloPay became one of the official donation channels for helping people disaster-wrecked in the central region.

This program namely “Join hands with to help the Central Area of Vietnam” was launched on October 24th, 2020 by ZaloPay mobile wallet and Thanh Nien Newspaper. Through ZaloPay, users can donate money to relieve people living in difficult circumstances due to natural disasters. After a period of time, this program has recorded 5,225 donations via ZaloPay e-wallet with a total amount of more than 270 million dongs. In the end, ZaloPay also donated correspondingly 500 million dongs.

eSports Community supported the central region to overcome the heavy flood

On October 26th, 2020, PUBG Mobile Vietnam eSports Community also contributed a total of 1,5 billion dongs for the Central Area of Vietnam to recuperate from the plight.

This campaign had attracted more than 310,000 interactions after just 3 days run on the fanpage of PUBG Mobile Vietnam. For each interaction, VNG donated accordingly 10.000 dongs, which was then transferred to the Fund of Vietnamese Fatherland Front. In the same period, answering the call of Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, ZaloPay continued to donate 500 million dongs to the Poverty Fund of Vietnamese Fatherland Front (VFF), as well as become one of the official donation channels of VFF.

Zalo updated SOS feature supporting users to seek emergency help during storms and floods

Zalo coordinated with local authorities in central provinces and the General Department of Natural Disaster Prevention and Control to update the situation, provide the most accurate and fastest information, and guide people by phone to proactively respond to storms and floods.

On October 26, Zalo's product team released a complete version of "SOS feature" for people to seek emergency support. The feature has attached exact coordinates to support rescue and is updated to 15 provinces and cities that are forecast to be directly affected by Typhoon Molave. More than 10,000 cases of "I need help" were shared on Zalo. The SOS feature has played a timely role. When storms and floods passed, this feature helps people to access support from the community, charities, and authorities to overcome the consequences of natural disasters and soon stabilize their lives.

Previously, Zalo's "Weather" Official Account sent out about 92 million messages to 15 provinces in the Central and Central Highlands, helping to update weather news, storms and floods to people of affected areas quickly and accurately. most accurate.