Saigon Bao Dung is a technology platform that connects prestigious charity units in Ho Chi Minh City with “benefactors” across the country and those in difficult situations during Covid-19 pandemic. The project was launch after only 72 hours of “speedy” work by a group of engineers and operators of VNG.

The birth of Saigon Bao Dung was seen as a huge support to many charity units. This platform connects three important elements in charity work: benefactors across the country, reputable charity units, and people in difficulty in Ho Chi Minh City. The presence of charity organizations on Saigon Bao Dung with full principles and operating methods also help benefactors easily search and choose the organizations they want to support. People with difficulties are also able to look up the nearest supply location in their area.

In September 2021, the platform has connected with more than 65 charity organizations and received more than 50,000 followers. Saigon Bao Dung has successfully helped charity groups receive donations totaling more than VND600 million, with more than 2,500 transactions. The project also supported 43 charity units with an amount of nearly VND2 billion.

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