“Our 80th million user lives in Washington D.C, the USA. Each year, Zalo delivered around 800 million messages”.

So said Mr Vuong Quang Khai, Zalo founder, during a ceremony on the night of August 9th, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Zalo Group.

Last February, the system welcomed some 70 million users. Six months later, however, there were 10 million additional people using Zalo.

After covering all corners of the nation, the application conquered an overseas market with over two million users in Myanmar (statistics as of late 2016).

In August 2012, the first Zalo project was announced. Only four months later, the official production was born and had already gained around 1 million users by the next March.

The daily connection tool of Vietnamese people has become an effective tool in administrative reform, and a solid foundation for doing business on a mobile platform.

For Zing MP3 is the biggest online music foundation in Vietnam. Each day, Zing MP3 and Zing TV broadcast about 250 million minutes (around 500 years) of music and film.

Meanwhile, Laban Key, which helps you type Vietnamese much faster than using Telex or VNI input method with smart word suggestion and spell check, is currently the top Vietnamese keyboard (input method), processing around 1 billion words each day.