After more than 3 months since the mark of 100,000 installs at the end of August, Kiki continued to reach the milestone of 200,000 installs on cars in early December.

This number shows the strong acceptance of Vietnamese people with voice control technology researched and developed by the Vietnamese themselves.

Artificial intelligence comes to life

Kiki has gradually become the familiar voice assistant of hundreds of thousands of car owners across Vietnam. Focusing on the ability to process Vietnamese commands and basic functions such as listening to music, directions and reading news but developing to the highest possible level of perfection is the reason for Kiki to successfully conquer people. use.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thang (Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City) said that he was very impressed with Kiki's good voice recognition ability, the response voice was also pleasant and natural.

"In general, Kiki can meet most requirements such as giving directions to listening to music, reading newspapers, etc., helping me to focus on driving safely instead of having to manipulate through screens or smartphones like before," he said. Thang shared.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Chung (Cau Giay, Hanoi) added: “Since knowing Kiki, my driving journey has become easier. I especially like Kiki because it's made by Vietnamese people, so I understand Vietnamese very well. I knew some apps before, but they were in English so I couldn't use them. Kiki is very convenient.”

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As of December, more than 200,000 cars have installed and used the Kiki voice assistant.

Assessing the potential of the field of artificial intelligence in Vietnam, according to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Khanh Duy (Kiki development member), Vietnam is a very potential market for development, Vietnamese people are interested in and accepting intelligence. Artificial intelligence comes to life. Although many large technology corporations have been quite far ahead, Vietnamese technology companies can take advantage of the advantages of the latecomers, exploiting local factors to increase competitive advantages and catch up. progress of the world.

“In the coming time, we will continue to research and develop more new features and tasks to serve the needs of Vietnamese users. Hopefully, Kiki's voice will "cover" more widely throughout Vietnam, "said Mr. Duy.

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Kiki has changed and entered Vietnamese life.

Increasing demand

It can be said that Kiki has marked the turning point of Vietnam's artificial intelligence when successfully applying AI, bridging the gap between research ideas in the laboratory and practical experiences in daily life.

Last August, Kiki reached 100,000 installs, so far, just over 3 months since Kiki's first impression on the market, there have been more than 200,000 downloads and use of this pure Vietnamese voice assistant.

This shows the outstanding growth of Kiki, and reflects the increasing demand for voice control when driving by Vietnamese people. The perception and need to use artificial intelligence in daily life is also gradually changing.

Dr. Chau Thanh Duc (Director of Data Science at Zalo) - an expert in the field of voice technology said that AI is a trend and if in the past people had to popularize information technology, in the current context at most have to popularize AI.

“The more and more businesses apply AI, the more benefits and services are created for users. AI makes it easier to solve practical problems,” Duc added.

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The demand for voice assistants in cars is increasing day by day.

According to the prediction of Transparency Market Research, the global smart assistant market is expected to reach 50.9 billion USD with a compound growth rate of 33% during 2020-2030.

In an article assessing the popularity of voice assistants in cars today, Business Insider commented that many car brands have created uniqueness and added localized services after integrating voice assistants on the car. vehicle's IVI System. This not only increases the user experience but is also a key differentiator for car manufacturers in the market.

In Vietnam, many smart screen manufacturers have integrated Kiki voice assistant into their products. From mid-2021, two screen companies Gotech and Zestech have integrated Kiki, this event is considered a memorable milestone of the smart car market last year.

After that, other car display manufacturers also integrated Kiki into products such as Bravigo, Safeview, OledPro, Eononpro, Teyes... In fact, display manufacturers have grown significantly after integrating successfully. artificial intelligence.

It can be said that, with great demand from the market and its own competitive advantages, voice assistant Kiki still has a lot of room for growth in the near future.

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