TrueID, the user identification application developer with AI technology under VNG Joint Stock Company, became the first organization in Vietnam and Southeast Asia to achieve ISO/IEC 30107-3 certification by iBeta in terms of technology. technology to identify real people from a single image.

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This prestigious certificate is issued by iBeta, which is certified by the US National Institute of Technical Standards (NIST). The iBeta PAD (Presentation Attack Detectiontest is designed to test the ability of a technology solution to identify the presence of real people in selfie images, helping to detect facial recognition fraud. To pass this test, the solution must ensure that there are no attacks that can bypass the system. 

Accordingly, TrueID has passed this prestigious testespecially becoming the first unit in Vietnam and the whole Southeast Asia region to achieve ISO/IEC 30107-3 certificate with a static model (Passive Liveness Detection). This is the clearest guarantee for TrueID's technology in preventing the maximum possibility of identity fraud, using other people's faces to create accounts or performing unauthorized transactions.

Illustration: VNG.

With the static model in TrueID's solution, users only need 1 second to take a selfie photo. The solution helps optimize the user experience, providing a superior completion rate compared to dynamic model authentication solutions (requiring users to perform many operations).

TrueID records a completion rate of up to 90% of the identification process, while this rate is only about 50-70 % when using other technology solutions. TrueID also achieves an automatic authentication approval rate (without verification by the customer service team) up to 82%, significantly saving businesses time and costs.

In addition, all data will be processed and stored on servers of domestic enterprises, ensuring information security for users. TrueID products are also very easy to connect to domestic systems, increasing the level of localization and simplicity when applied to business organizations in Vietnam.

“The iBeta PAD test is a big challenge for any biometric identity authentication provider in the world. In particular, with only a single image, the technical requirements will be much more difficult to detect that major fraud factor. I am very proud that TrueID's research team has developed this technology. Being one of the few companies in the world to pass the test, also gives TrueID confidence to deliver a superior experience for end-users, while ensuring fraud risk control for businesses", said Mr. Ma Nam, Director of TrueID.

According to the latest Kaspersky report, there were more than 1.6 million phishing attacks related to the financial - banking industry detected and prevented in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2022. In Vietnam, the number of identity fraud detected and prevented is over 56,000 cases directly related to the banking industry. This continues to show that the security of personal account information on digital platforms has become increasingly urgent.

TrueID's artificial intelligence products are expected to be replicated and increased account security in Vietnamthereby promoting the trend of digitizing banking, finance, insurance and modern customer experience. user.

Earlier in 2019, TrueID was also the first and only company in Vietnam to meet the iBeta 2 standard for real person recognition technology in selfies, through a partnership with Facetec, a company specializing in the field. this of the United States.

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About TrueID :

TrueID was established in 2019 as a developer and supplier of AI products of VNG , a leading enterprise in the field of Technology in Vietnam. TrueID focuses on developing solutions for automatic user identification authentication (eKYC), money laundering prevention, fraud risk detection on digital platforms, built on artificial intelligence and biometric technology. , and data analysis.

TrueID product suite is developed by a team of Vietnamese experts and engineers at VNG, with many members having many years of experience in studying and working in major technology centers around the world in the field of software. and artificial intelligence.

About VNG:

Founded in 2004, VNG is a leading enterprise in the field of Technology in Vietnam, always pioneering in creating a diverse ecosystem of technology products, changing the lives of hundreds of millions of users at home and abroad. countries, typically Zalo, Zing MP3, ZaloPay...

After 17 years of establishment and development, VNG now has nearly 5000 members with 11 offices in 5 countries. Along with core products such as online games, connection platforms, electronic payments and cloud computing, VNG is also strongly oriented toward the use of data and artificial intelligence. (AI) as the core of development in the coming time.