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At VNG, we call our employees “Starters”. The name represents the uplifting spirit of a fresh start. As we are continuously growing, we want to preserve our start-up spirit. Every day brings new adventures, and we, Starters, are always ready to start.


VNG’s human development strategy is reflected in our organizational structure where employees are empowered to take action and make decisions. We put employee empowerment at the heart of what we are doing so that everyone can realize their full potential and enhance teamwork.


We always encourage Starters to develop their growth mindset by learning from challenging projects, colleagues, books, professional training programs and soft skills courses on Coursera offered by the corporation.


At VNG, we work hard and play hard. Besides team-building activities, we sponsor various sports events for Starters to participate, e.g UpRace, IRONMAN 70.3.

With aim of encouraging Starters to take up sports and exercises, we offer fitness facilities and professional trainers. We also have the policy of supporting 100% value of entry fee for marathon and triathlon tournaments.

Life at VNG

Working environment

In 2019, VNG officially relocated to the new campus at District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Within an area of 52,000 square meters, VNG Campus is designed based on a modern global concept and owns all the characteristics to be the leading functional office in the region.

At the VNG campus, we integrate technology in every possible aspect to prove to our employees that they are working for a leading technology company. Starters can take advantage of the modern facilities such as cashless payment at all stores and coffee shops within the campus and face-recognition access. There are also bus tours to and from different areas in the city, kid's yard, mother room, library and medical aid service.

Employee engagement

At VNG, we believe a healthy mind is fundamental for creativity and productivity. Thus, we encourage Starters to engage in activities that boost mental and physical health. We constantly organise meaningful events and contests such as Mind Challenge, Physical Challenge, Talk with experts, a community running race, and VNG Care emotional health support hotline. In response to the urgency of the Covid-19 pandemic, we organised a vaccination program for our employees to ensure their safety even when the company maintained Working From Home. All of those efforts are to affirm the importance of our employees' well-being.

Career opportunities

People development

Employee personal and professional development has always been our priority. We encourage Starter to seek growth opportunities in challenging projects while allocating resources for professional and leadership training programs. From traditional classrooms to e-learning courses, Starter are provided with a variety of learning formats to strengthen their expertise and expand their skillsets.

Talent engagement

Talent engagement and development are at the forefront of our human strategy. We understand that young generations are always in search of an environment where they can prove their capacity, solve new problems, and contribute to the community. To meet such needs, we build and run top recruitment programs in the industry like VNG Code Tour, VNG Tech Fresher, Junior Game Designer; we sign MOUs with universities across the country to proactively engage with young talents.

Founded by young gamers who had nothing but an unbounded enthusiasm, VNG knows young people are capable of doing unimaginable things. Therefore, we try our best to foster the trailblazing spirit of youth among our employees as well as future Starter.