According to Zalo's latest statistics, there are more than 10,000 state agencies and public services using Zalo to connect with people. If compared with 10,566 communes and wards in Vietnam, this is quite an impressive number.

More than 10,000 state agencies and public services use Zalo to connect with people.
More than 10,000 state agencies and public services use Zalo to connect with people.

3,534 state agencies apply chatbot technology to interact with people

Through the Zalo platform, more than 1.3 billion messages between people and authorities have been made. No need for a computer to connect to the internet, no need to go to the place, just a smartphone with Zalo installed, the exchanges between the people and the government will take place in just a few minutes.

More than 10,000 state agencies and public services use Zalo to connect with people Photo 1

More than 3,500 state agencies apply chatbot technology to interact with people.

Zalo becomes an effective interactive channel when people need to carry out administrative procedures. This is also a communication channel when constantly updating official news and contributing to the maintenance of public order and social security in the localities.

2022 is also the year marking the impressive growth of Zalo Security model in both quantity and quality. With more than 5,000 accounts (as of November 2022) established from provinces/cities to remote communes, wards and villages, Zalo Security has greatly contributed to crime prevention and security maintenance. order contributes to the peaceful life of the people.

Sharing about the application of Zalo, most police units commented: Using Zalo is a simple but highly effective way of digitizing administrative procedures and maintaining security in the locality.

Therefore, the units have fully exploited the features of Zalo to build the movement of the whole people to protect national security. Through Zalo, the police can receive information related to security and order, and denounce crimes from the people in a timely, safe and absolutely confidential manner. Propagating and mobilizing people in crime prevention and control, bringing trust and closeness to the people.

Not only promoting the role of maintaining security, but the Zalo Security model also contributes to administrative reform, creating conditions for people to quickly access and reduce troubles when dealing with administrative procedures. Prominent in 2022 must be the citizen identification campaign and the implementation of Project 06 at the commune and ward levels.

On the Zalo application, units create many features, menus to guide administrative procedures, upload forms, and links to the website of the National Public Service Portal and the Ministry of Public Security for people to manipulate easily.

In particular, with the function of query and automatic reply (chatbot), the police sector has also integrated issues of great concern to people such as time notification, citizen identification procedures, vehicle registration, etc., residence management, fire prevention, ... make finding information easier and more proactive.

Actively transform digitally, develop new models

In the field of public services, Zalo accounts of provinces and cities continuously add new utilities to serve people performing administrative procedures and online public services. In particular, the Zalo e-Government model also extends to districts, communes and wards.

Using Zalo application to bring information and administrative procedures to each citizen has helped improve the quality of online public service delivery of units, reduce travel time and costs, and facilitate the public. citizen. Thereby, improving the administrative reform scores, governance efficiency and public administration of the provinces and cities.

More than 10,000 state agencies and public services use Zalo to connect with people Photo 2

Zalo application in performing online administrative procedures helps people save time. Photo: Nguyen Thao.

Not stopping, many provinces also take advantage of the Zalo platform to build and design utilities in accordance with actual local needs. For example, from July 2022, Ha Giang province has put into use the Zalo page "Vi Xuyen Martyrs Cemetery" providing information about martyrs to help relatives, teammates and veterans more conveniently when visiting.

Or in the last national high school graduation exam in 2022, major provinces and cities such as Binh Dinh, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Ha Giang, .. all implemented the form of looking up high school graduation exam scores on Zalo, answering meet the needs of information search quickly and accurately. As a result, tens of thousands of candidates and their parents have looked up their test scores conveniently, avoiding the situation of systems being congested when the number of visitors is large.

To reach out to young people - those who are dynamic and sensitive to technology - the units also create new models, typically the OA Zalo Youth model. Although newly launched, the model has had active development with more than 350 accounts set up within 3 months.

With positive and effective contributions to digital transformation across the country, in 2022, Zalo has continuously received certificates of merit from provinces and cities such as Hanoi Department of Information and Communications (active contribution in the field of digital transformation). Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control and economic, political, cultural and social tasks in 2021 - the first quarter of 2022); Police of Tan Phu District - Ho Chi Minh City (actively contributing to maintaining security and order, reforming administrative procedures), Ha Giang Provincial People's Committee (supporting local digital transformation work)...

Nhan Dan