Zalo continues to appear in the ranking of "Top 20 most favorite free app 2022" announced by Apple. In 2021, Zalo was also on this list.

The "Most Favorite Apps 2022" ranking is selected by the global App Store editorial team based on the criteria of downloads, quality, technology, design, positive impact on culture and community.

The presence of Zalo at the top of the most favorite free applications is a testament to the continuous development of technology, optimizing user experience as well as the positive contributions of Zalo to Vietnamese people's lives.

More than 10 years since its launch, Zalo has become the most popular application in Vietnam, with about 73 million users in Vietnam, and about 2 billion messages per day.

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2 years in a row Zalo has appeared in the list of the most favorite applications on the Apple Store

Zalo is not only a messaging application for Vietnamese people, but is also recognized for its positive contributions to national digital transformation when it becomes an effective channel of interaction between the government and the people.

According to data from Zalo, about 10,000 State agencies in 63 provinces and cities have used Zalo with more than 1.3 billion messages between people and authorities made through this platform. Since then, Zalo has contributed to reforming administrative procedures, preventing crime - maintaining security and order, preventing natural disasters and epidemics...

Towards the goal of maximum information security for users, in 2022, Zalo has launched end-to-end encrypted messages (E2EE). Accordingly, after upgrading E2EE, all information such as text messages, voice messages, images, files... are encrypted and decrypted directly on the user's device.

Aside from the sender and receiver devices, the message cannot be decrypted on any other device. This method currently applies to individual chats and is coming soon to groups of less than 10 members on both the mobile app, Zalo PC and the web version.

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Zalo is currently the most trusted application by Vietnamese people.

Previously, in March, Zalo was also honored as the leading messaging application in Vietnam at the Global Brand Awards, of the international magazine Global Brand Magazine. A survey from Decision Lab in the first quarter of this year also shows that Zalo is the most commonly used messaging application in Vietnam.

The recognitions from these awards and independent organizations have confirmed the practical benefits that Zalo has been bringing to Vietnamese people from free calling and texting services with fast speed as well as stable quality. determine the tools and utilities to serve the essential needs of users.

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